Sigma Kappa

Chapter History

Chapter History

Welcome to Sigma Kappa!

We are the Delta Iota Chapter of Sigma Kappa at California State University, Chico. Our sisterhood is composed of women with a multitude of interests, heritages and experiences. We welcome these unique differences as we focus on inclusiveness to strengthen our diverse and well-rounded sisterhood. Joining Delta Iota two years ago was the best decision I have ever made. The life skills, opportunities, and friendships I have attained through Sigma Kappa are indispensable—now and into my future.  Because of my sisters, my collegiate experience is so much richer. I have expanded my academics, social abilities, and leadership potential. Surrounding myself with the high achieving and loving sisters of Sigma Kappa has shaped me into the woman I am today.
Delta Iota not only focuses on the high ideals and individual strengths of our members, but also on the importance of maintaining a well-balanced collegiate life. We encourage our members to get involved on campus, including joining other clubs, causes and activities, to ensure they gain a broad perspective on the world. We have many chapter members who hold leadership positions in various organizations and many of our sisters choose to study abroad. Sigma Kappa has personally given me the courage to become a leader not only in my chapter, but in programs related to my major as well. The women of Delta Iota never cease to amaze me with what they accomplish. We are an organization filled with amazing women who are constantly motivating each other to branch out and grow into women we are proud to call our sisters.

In addition to developing strong connections with other students on campus, it is important for us to form supportive relationships with our faculty and administration.  Our sisters are very active on campus and uphold the notion that we are scholar’s first and sorority women second. Each semester we hold a scholarship banquet where members of our chapter have the opportunity to invite a professor they felt has demonstrated a true passion for education and students. Our members are also recognized for their individual academic excellence. Delta Iota takes pride in having 73 members at or above a 3.0 GPA and 47 members on the Dean’s List.
I am so thankful for the experiences and opportunities Sigma Kappa has given me. Delta Iota is a home away from home, a support system, and a community of women who help each other succeed. Sisters in Sigma Kappa form lifelong bonds based upon our shared values of friendship, loyalty, personal growth and service.  With so many sisters, we create a worldwide network of strong and supportive women that allows us to be unique but unified. I could not imagine my life without my sisters by my side. I am constantly and consistently so proud of the women of Delta Iota. I believe every member will be able to find what they are looking for in Sigma Kappa to help them grow, making each individual experience so special. Every day we lift each other up to strive to exemplify our values and truly live our lives One Heart, One Way.

With love in Sigma Kappa,
Shannon Philbrook
Delta Iota, President – 2017