Chapter History

Welcome to Sigma Kappa!


We are the Delta Iota Chapter of Sigma Kappa at California State University, Chico. I am so lucky to be a part of this well diverse chapter of women. Each and every member of our chapter brings their own uniqueness allowing us to uphold a strong, well-rounded sisterhood. From the very beginning of my time in the Delta Iota chapter, I knew that I had made the right decision. Sigma Kappa has assisted with creating strong friendships, personal growth, and amazing opportunities that I am forever grateful for. It has also helped me strengthen my leadership skills, academics and experiences. I could not imagine my collegiate experience without this amazing sorortity and I am so thankful for everything it has given to me.

    Many of our members have flourished among their leadership roles whether it be within or outside of Sigma Kappa. Delta Iota encourages all of our members to get involved among campus whether it be clubs, organizations or other causes in hopes that our members get the most out of their collegiate years. We also have many members who have had the opportunity to study abroad giving them knowledge and perspective on the world we live in. Sigma Kappa has taught me a lot about myself these past couple of years allowing me to discover my personal strengths and pushing me to accomplish things that I would have never imagined possible.

    The women of our chapter all share our devotion to our friendships, to our clubs and organizations, and our amazing university as a whole. We continue to strive to maintain strong relationships with our faculty and administration here at Chico State. Our sisters are very active on campus and uphold the notion that we are scholar’s first and sorority women second. We encourage academic excellence at our scholarship banquets each semester to acknowledge our sisters who have received 3.0+,3.5+, and 4.0 grade point averages.

    The Delta Iota chapter of Sigma Kappa has given me such amazing experiences, opportunities, and friends throughout my time at Chico State. It has given me an amazing group of women who support and encourage me to succeed. We are devoted to living out our values of friendship, loyalty, personal growth, and service to better not only ourselves but others as well. Sigma Kappa has given its members a support system across the US and I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing organization. All of the amazing accomplishments that our chapter has accomplished throughout my time in Sigma Kappa makes me very proud to be a part of the Delta Iota chapter. I believe that Sigma Kappa has the ability to help others become the best versions of themselves and guide them to live One Heart, One Way.

With love in Sigma Kappa,

McKenzie Frost

Delta Iota President- 2018

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